Attention School Music Teachers, Pta Cultural Arts Specialists, And Home School Parents:

We are proud to offer educational programs with players from Sweet Potato Pie: A Slice of the Pie. With 40+ years combined teaching experience, the Pie offers custom-tailored educational experiences in bluegrass music for Elementary, Middle, and Charter School students as well as Home Schooled children in a variety of detail levels and timeframes. “As a young person, I grew up thinking that people who made music were people who were ‘born with talent.’ As an adult, I have learned that making music is only partly talent – and mostly hard, hard work! I delight to think that through our program we might inspire a child to try it.” - Penny Oman “Learning music as a child opens the world to you. It allows you a new way to express yourself. Bluegrass music is particularly user friendly giving everyone a place to play and fit in.” - Sonya Stead

Mini-Grant Matching Funds

The IBMA (International Bluegrass Music Association) Bluegrass in the Schools Committee, funded in part by a Bluegrass VISA Credit Card Program, offers supplemental funding grants matching $200 mini-grants to help fund live (band), educational presentations of bluegrass music for students.

For more information about the Bluegrass in the Schools Program, visit the Foundation for Bluegrass Music online or call (615) 256-3222.