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Daughters of Bluegrass – Pick in' Like A Girl (2013)



A four disc set of songs written by Tom T. and Dixie Hall and performed by various female bluegrass artist including Sweet Potato Pie (see *).

Disc 1 

Pickin' Like A Girl

Hound Dog Blues

Somewhere in Kentucky Tonight

Creecy Greens

The Meanest Lady Cop


Mama Remeber

I'm Gonna Try

Local Flowers

Follow Me Back To The Fold

Poor Little Sadie

I Don't Live There Anymore

Nothin' About Trains

Kentucky In The Rain

Empty Old Mailbox

Song Maker

To A Dove

Molly & Mildred

Disc 2

Never Can Forgive Til I Forget

You're Good To Go

My Little World

Independent Rose

Bluebird In The Rain

The Grave Robber

Pretty Girls

The Next Train

For Better Or Worse

Hazel Creek

The Hummingbird Man

*Clinch Mountain Mystery - performed by Sweet Potato Pie

No Matter HOw Hard I cry

The Moon Ain't Square

The Windowsill Song

Sit Down and Cry

Can Make It Happen

Disc 3

Walking Through Bethlehem

Buildings Ain't Churches

Let Me Fly Low

He Loves To Hear You Shout

I want YOu To Meet My Friend

Pray Right Here

Welcoming Tomb

Yes, He Can

Keep Me In Your Prayers

Take Just A Minute For Him

Do Something For Jesus Today

Get In The Boat

Mother's Silent Prayer

There's Always A Light In The Church

Walk Slow

He Knows the Way

He's The One

Bonus Disc

Proud To Be A Daughter

I Don't Think I'm Going BAck to Harlan

Keep On Walking

More to Love Than This

Carolina State Of Mind


I'm Gonna Love You NOw

Nobody's Home

Leaving Here For Nashville

Everybody Got A Light

The Old Family Table

Will You Ever Be Satisfied

Go Up On The Mountain and Wait

I Made A Friend of a Flower Today

Your Memory Followed Me Home

Scenes From An Old Countyr Graveyard

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